Glass artist Jonathan Capps


Jonathan Capps (USA), who earned his Master of Fine Arts from Ohio State in 2016, worked the historic glass-making town of Nuutajärvi, Finland, for a year Fulbright experience where he  assisted the Nuutajärvi Glass Village Cultural Foundation, explored and studyed Finnish glass tradition and transition, and made collaborative works of art with Finnish glass artists.

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Big things are happening in our small village


February 2020

New brochure: Nuutajärvi Glass Village history and present

  Nuutajärvi - Glass since 1793 Brochure link:   Sponsored by the Nuutajärvi glass... Read more

Finnish Glass Lives 8 Exhibition

  Finnish Glass from 2015 - 2019 at the Finnish Glass Museum 15.2.–19.4.2020. More information: www.suomenlasimuseo... Read more

August 2020

Lasivitriini August 24th 2020

  Lasivitriini is a yearly arranged one day event for glass enthusiasts. We have merchants for vintage and antique... Read more