BLOW/CAPTURE - Contemporary Finnish Glass and Photography Exhibition

June 9 - August 12, 2012

This year's summer exhibition of NuGO, Nuutajarvi Gallery Co-operative, at Nuutajarvi Glass Village combines contemporary glass from 11 glass artists and photography by Jani Kaila.

Internationally renowned art photographer, Jani Kaila, has followed the work processes and methods of the glass designers and blowers, and analyzed their design language with his camera. The results are an interesting collection of fresh images of Finnish contemporary glass and they offer an insider'a look into the world of the glass making at the historic Nuutajarvi Glass Village. The artist portraits and the images of the glass in the making are all shot in the surroundings of the traditional glass factory, in Nuutajarvi village and in the nature of Central Finland. This exhibitions continues the theme of Jani Kaila's successful Unwrapped exhibition, which presented contemporary Finnish design and designers by combining photography, art and design works at London Design Festival, September 2011.

The participating members at the NuGO's summer exhibition are Markku Salo, Alma Jantunen, Johannes Rantasalo, Marika Kinnunen, Sara Hulkkonen, Anu Penttinen, Lea Swantz, Heikki Viinikainen ja Ilse Lindqvist and local glass artist Kerttu Nurminen and professor Oiva Toikka.

The NuGO is based in the traditional Nuutajarvi Glass Village and it aims to promote contemporary Finnish glass art. The NuGO Shop is stocked with a vast selection of glass design all year round.

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