Born to glow

Glass has been manufactured in Nuutajärvi Glass Village since 1793, longer than anywhere else in Finland. The village is the home of the largest community of independent glass designers and glassblowers with their own hot shops, studios and galleries.

Nuutajärvi Glass Village is also a tourist attraction for Finnish glass enthusiasts and those seeking to enjoy a picturesque environment. Nuutajärvi Glass Village is internationally known for the glass and the picturesque environment. Travellers from the world over come to experience the unique atmosphere and the living history of glassmaking in the village. The National Board of Antiquities has listed Nuutajärvi as one of the important nationally  built cultural environments. The decorative buildings of the village, dating back to the mid-19th century and designed by G.Th. Chiewitz, the most famous architect of his time, are still in active use. The museum owned by the Design Museum of the glass factory, is located in a former brewery that was converted into a museum under the direction of Artist Professor Kaj Franck. 



Explore the works situated on the grounds of Nuutajärvi Glass Village:

The Glass Ornament Tree

Workshop 2013 “It happened in Nuutajärvi”

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