Hot shop

Lasikomppania, officially Nuutajärven lasitaitajat ry,  is a glassmakers’ society established in 2003 that maintains the working facilities required for glassmaking at Nuutajärvi. Lasikomppania enables a wide range of working opportunities for glass artists and designers. This unique community strongly supports the sector’s development and the preservation of glassmaking skills in Finland. The society’s membership consists of artisans with a long history of working with glass and newcomers to the sector. Some of the members make studio glass while others are designers and artists who outsource the work itself to skilled glassblowers. Most of the glass companies and artists operating in Nuutajärvi make their products in Lasikomppania’s hot shop.

Lasikomppania hot shop has a public access area and visitors are welcome to watch glassblowing. The studio is located in the Vanha Hytti next to the Glass School.  

More information and contact:

Nuutajärven lasitaitajat ry / Lasikomppania

lasikomppania [at]