Guides to history

There are signboards for Nuutajärvi’s main buildings that tell the story of Finland’s oldest glass village. The ten different signboards guide the visitor to the factory manager’s home and to get the feel of the village’s common bakery. Some of the cultural historically valuable buildings are still used for their original purpose while others have been adapted to the needs of present-day glassmakers.

There are permanent signboards for the following buildings: Kivimuuri, Paja, Vanha hytti, Pakari, Prykäri, Lasaretti, Kellopytinki, Lasimakasiini, Puukonttori and Hakahytti. The signboards texts are in Finnish and English. Each board has a historic picture of the building.

The history signboards honour Finland’s oldest glass village, which marked its 220th anniversary in 2013. The main building stock of the village is exceptionally uniform for Finland and reflects the architectural trends of the 1850s as well as the factory owner’s strong determination to modernize and internationalize Nuutajärvi Glass Factory. The National Board of Antiquities has listed Nuutajärvi among the nationally important built cultural environments.

The history signboards were posted at the initiative of Nuutajärvi Gallery Cooperative NuGO, with support from Urjala Savings Bank Cultural Foundation and Fiskars Corporation.