Johannes Rantasalo


Glassblower Johannes Rantasalo (born in 1968) graduated as a glassblower from Häme Vocational Institute/Wetterhoff in 1995, having previously studied metal design at Southwestern Finland Arts and Crafts School. Rantasalo has worked at Hadeland Glasfabrik glass factory in Norway as well as in Finland.

In 1999 he and Alma Jantunen jointly founded the glass studio Lasisirkus in Nuutajärvi Glass Village. Since then they have been blowing unique art glass as well as small-series production. Rantasalo also works as a glassblower for other artists and designers. Lasisirkus is a member of both the Nuutajärvi Gallery Cooperative NuGO and Lasikomppania hot shop.

Johannes Rantasalo enjoys working with hot glass because he likes the flexibility and fast pace.  The sometimes rather extreme circumstances of the hot shop also fascinate him. Glass is in the spotlight of his works, but he also uses metal, junkyard finds and pieces of piping.

About working with glass he says: “I let glass show me the way, I don’t want to force it. My way of working is like sketching with glass.”

His works often focus on the human body and head. He derives his inspiration from the cinema, literature, brass music from the Balkans and the absurd life around us. His results are often cartoon-like and naïve, with hints of Cubism, Surrealism and Dadaism.

The Finnish Association of Designers ORNAMO granted Lasisirkus the Craftsman of the Year award in 2007. One of the grounds for granting Lasisirkus this award was the discreet humour of Johannes Rantasalo’s works. Since then, however, he has tried to be less understated. The Finnish Crafts Organization Taito ry granted the Taito Award 2016 to Lasisirkus.

More information and contact:

Johannes Rantasalo, Lasisirkus

lasisirkus [at]

+358 40 768 0932

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