Peep Show – Other realities

Nuutajärvi Glass Village Summer Exhibition


Peep Show - Other realities, gives guests permission to explore glass artists surprising ideas. Under a common theme the exhibition has gathered 21 Finnish glass artists who are presenting their art in boxes, which can be seen only through a small peek hole. They present abstract ideas, daring images, reflections and mirror surface, all expressed with glass.

Peep Show - Other realities was inspired by the centuries old tradition of presenting curiosities and stories in a box. Hidden in a box, images and objects are opened to the viewer as a new world, and the presentation maintains a veil of secrecy. In today's society, where almost everything is visible and available immediately, the opportunity to be surprised by what you see is minimal. We hope that we can offer visitors the excitement and surprises in the form of glass art. The exhibition displays both Nuutajärvi glass artists and artists from other parts of Finland.

Nuutajärvi Summer Exhibition 2016 is organized by the NuGO Cooperative. Nuutajärvi Gallery Cooperative NuGOs aim is to strengthen the 223-year-old glass villages status as Finlands art glass center. NuGO has organized summer exhibitions since 2007.

Artists: Iiro A. Ahokas, Henni Eliala, Sara Hulkkonen, Renata Jakowleff, Alma Jantunen, Marika Kinnunen, Susanne Koskimäki, Ilse Lindqvist, Sini Majuri, Anu Penttinen, Gina Salaris, Markku Salo, Tero Silver, Jenni Sorsa, Lea Swantz, Kirsti Taiviola, Ella Varvio, Heikki Viinikainen, Matti Vilppula, Janne Rahunen and Johannes Rantasalo. 

The exhibition is supported by Nuutajärvi Glass Village Cultural Foundation.

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