Summer Exhibition: NuGO+

Nuutajärvi Summer Exhibition

NuGO+ Blås&knåda


This exhibition, organized by the 2007 founded Nuutajärvi Gallery Co-operative NuGO, brings together the glass artists of Nuutajärvi Glass Village and ten artists of the Swedish Blås&knåda glass and ceramic co-operative in Stockholm. The theme of the exhibition is ”Encounters”, which allows the two different glass communities to get accquinted and display various techniques of the challenging glassmaking, together with a wide selection of methods to express artistic manifests through glass. The exhibition also emphasizes the Nuutajärvi Glass Village´s status as one of the epicentres of Finnish glassmaking tradition, bringing together local glassmakers and designers, whether emerging artists or established masters.


Annette Alsiö

Ulrika Bratt Ling

Nilla Eneroth

Helena Gibson

Ulla Gustafsson

Gabriella Höglin

Pernilla Jansson 

Gunilla Kihlgren

Fredrika Linder

Eva Ullberg

Sara Hulkkonen

Alma Jantunen

Marika Kinnunen

Ilse Lindqvist

Kerttu Nurminen

Anu Penttinen

Johannes Rantasalo

Markku Salo

Lea Swantz


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