Anu Penttinen

Glass designer Anu Penttinen (born in 1974) lives and works in Nuutajärvi Glass Village. Anu received a Master’s degree from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2002 and started her business, Nounou Design, in 2003.

Characteristic features of all Anu Penttinen’s work are strong colours as well as textures and graphic patterns that combine her interest in indigenous arts and crafts with references from urban phenomena and details. In her most recent works she has applied a special technique, called ‘roll-up’, and its never-ending possibilities to mix colours and patterns. Some of these newly blown vessels resemble picture books with little windows of pattern or striped planes with relaxed, organic lines. Glassblowing, fusion and different finishing techniques are significant elements in the process, and making everything by hand is central to Penttinen’s work. Through collaborative projects with Finnish design houses such as Iittala and Marimekko, Anu Penttinen seeks experience of industrial glassmaking and finds contrast to her own production.

Anu Penttinen is an active participant in international exhibitions. Some of these were solo exhibitions at Gallery Clara Scremini in Paris (2009) and at the Finnish Glass Museum (2012). Group exhibitions have been Between Tradition & Future in Cheongju, South Korea (2011), Hirameki ‒ Design X Finland in Tokyo, Japan (2010), and Straightforward ‒ New Finnish Design ’10 in New York, USA (2010). Upcoming exhibitions include European Glass Context 2012 at Bornholm Art Museum in Denmark, Design Migration 10+ at the Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland, Nordic Contemporary Glass Art at Pera Museum in Istanbul Turkey, and a solo exhibition at Galleri Blås&knåda in Stockholm, Sweden. Penttinen received the Golden iF–Design Prize for her Vitriini Collection, designed for Iittala, in 2012.

More information and contact:

Anu Penttinen, Nounou Design

Kauppatie 1, 31160 Nuutajärvi

anu [at]

+358 50 60081


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